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vehicle inspections

Logbook Servicing

At Nightrain Automotive, we provide an old-school logbook service to customers which is comprehensive and ensures that the manufacturers warranty remains valid. This is vital as not inspecting a new vehicle at the scheduled time, could see the warranty being voided when you need it the most.

Nightrain Automotive can assist with checking the oil filters, air conditioning, spark plugs, battery, steering, suspension and lights. For petrol, diesel, LPG and electric hybrid vehicles.

To ensure that you will be protected by the manufactures warranty when out on the road and for total peace of mind, please give us a call to schedule your next logbook servicing today!

pre-trip inspection


Knowing what’s happening under the bonnet of your vehicle is vital, especially when you are planning to take a holiday road trip with friends or family.

Here at Nightrain Automotive, we can assist customers with pre-trip inspections to ensure that your vehicle is given the green light before setting off on your next big holiday adventure.

This is done by carefully inspecting the vehicle’s engine, brakes, clutch, transmission, cooling system, battery, windscreen and other important automotive components.

To book your vehicle in for a pre-trip inspection, please contact us at Nightrain Automotive today!

braking system


Correctly functioning brakes is vital to the smooth running and safety of your vehicle. Without a braking system that has been inspected and checked by an accredited mechanic, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation should you need to bring your vehicle to an emergency stop.

At Nightrain Automotive, we can inspect, repair and replace the most common of brake parts, including but not limited to the following:

• Component replacement (drums, discs, rotors, etc.)

• Component machining

• Brake hose replacement

• Restorations

For more information or to book your vehicle in at our workshop, please call us today!

Wheel balancing

Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension system on your vehicle are directly responsible for controlling the overall operation and performance. Without a steering and suspension system that has been regularly checked for wear and tear, you could find your ride becoming bumpier and more uncomfortable than usual.

Here at Nightrain Automotive, we provide customers with a comprehensive steering and suspension service, which includes the following:

• Shocks and springs

• Wheel balancing

• Bushing replacement

• Power steering repairs

• Power steering replacement

• Lift kits

• 4WD upgrades

For all vehicle bookings, please give us a call today!


Exhaust Repairs and Replacement

As your engine converts petrol or diesel into energy which powers your vehicle when out on the road, toxic fumes and gasses are created which need to be safely expelled from the vehicle.

However, if your vehicle is not regularly serviced then issues with the exhaust system can begin to appear and if left unchecked could result in a dangerous scenario where the fumes enter the cabin.

At Nightrain Automotive, we understand the importance of safe driving and is the reason why we are proud to offer customers comprehensive exhaust inspections, repairs and part replacement.

For more information or to book your vehicle in at Nightrain Automotive, please contact us today!

Air conditioning system inspection

Air Conditioning

Australian summers can be quite uncomfortable, especially when temperatures rise, and you need to run errands outside in your vehicle. Fortunately, the air conditioning system in modern passenger vehicles brings cooling relief to motorists and their passengers.

However, without regular preventative maintenance of the air conditioning system, faults in the system can begin to take place. This can lead to a direct loss of efficacy and cooling power.

Here at Nightrain Automotive, we can assist with the inspection of drive belts, hoses, components, condenser and refringent levels. To ensure that your air conditioning system is working correctly and that you will be kept cool when driving during summer.

To book your vehicle in for an inspection of the air conditioning system, please call us today!

Clutch and transmission service

Clutches & Transmissions

Modern passenger vehicles, light trucks and agricultural vehicles all rely on the clutch and transmission system, to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This is a highly technical and complex system and demands regular inspection and preventative maintenance, to ensure that it continues to operate as designed by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

However, over time things can and often do go wrong and that’s when an accredited and qualified mechanic is the best choice to assist with repairs and part replacements.

Nightrain Automotive provide a wide range of clutch and transmission services, including but not limited to:

• Servicing

• Repairs and replacement

• Manual transmissions

• Automatic transmissions

• Differentials

• CV Joints

If your clutch is sticking and driving your vehicle has become increasingly difficult, please get in touch with us today!


Engine Repairs

The humble automotive engine is the beating heart of a vehicle and is tasked with converting fuel into energy, which in turn drives your vehicle forward on the road.

Here at Nightrain Automotive, we understand how important it is to perform regular scheduled inspections and if required preventative maintenance of a vehicle’s engine.

This ensures that the engine continues to work as designed for many years to come and without needing any expensive or unnecessary repairs. That could have been avoided through regular scheduled servicing by a qualified mechanic.

Our workshop can assist with a wide range of engine repairs, including but not limited to:

• Reconditioning

• Testing

• Engine blocks

• Cylinder heads

• Camshaft

• EFI diagnostics

For more information or to book your vehicle in for an engine check-up, please give us a call today!

vehicle’s cooling system inspect

Cooling System

For long-term health of a vehicle’s engine, the cooling system must be regularly checked to ensure that it continues to sufficiently cool down the engine.

Tasked with circulating chilled liquid coolant throughout the engine head, pistons and block, the cooling system is comprised of many different complex components all working together in harmony.

At Nightrain Automotive, we can assist with inspecting your vehicle’s cooling system and will repair any faults or parts that need replacing. This includes the radiator, water pump, thermostat, heater and gasket.

For more information or to book your passenger vehicle, 4×4 or light truck in for a check-up, please call us today!

Auto Diagnostic

Auto Electrical

At Nightrain Automotive, we can assist customers with a diverse range of auto electrical services, including the use of highly sophisticated diagnostic scan tools. This allows us to scan and detect the most common of auto electrical issues and repair them in a timely and efficient manner.

Our workshop can assist with the following auto electrical services:

• Diagnostic scans

• Component replacement and testing

• Batteries

• Lighting upgrades

• Accessories

• Solar and battery systems

To book your vehicle in for an auto electrical check-up, please pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Caravan car service

Other Vehicle Repairs

Nightrain Automotive can assist with a wide range of automotive services and other vehicle repairs.

• Caravans

• Agricultural equipment

• Trailers

For all other vehicle bookings, please get in contact with us today!

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